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Top 10 Wet Cat Foods in 2021 For Better Health And Happiness Of Your Feline Friend

Cat food is a crucial aspect of feline parenting. A proper diet eliminates the cause of medical conditions and veterinary expenses. Choosing natural cat food is overwhelming not just in the different styles, ingredients, but even in terms of pricing. Some cat owners buy the cheapest cat food to save some money but it causes poor digestion and an emergency visit to the vet.

Some basic nutritional needs of a cat are –

  • Protein from a fish, meat, or poultry source
  • Water
  • Vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and enzymes
  • Taurine [amino acid]

Cats’ don’t need carbs. Rice, wheat, and corn are fillers in wet and dry cat foods. Flavorings, binders, and coloring are added to fulfill the consumer’s aesthetic wants. 

The market offers a wide range of wet cat food with an affordable quality to price ratio. You can research and choose a suitable option. It doesn’t matter if you want to buy wet and dry, fresh and canned cat food. There is no need to leave your home to buy. Conveniently, order them online and get them delivered to your home, all ready to serve!

Below are some natural wet cat foods that are manufactured using the standards set by AAFCO [Association of American Feed Control Officials].

Top 10 wet cat foods in 2021 for better health

ProductBrand NameMade InAge GroupTop 5 ingredientsGuaranteed Analysis
Purina Fancy Grilled Feast Wet Cat FoodPurinaUnited Stateskitten, adult, seniorMeat Broth, wheat gluten, beef, meat by-product, and modified corn starchProtein - 11%
Fat - 2%
Fiber - 1.5%
Moisture - 80%
Instinct Wet Cat Food PateInstinctUnited StatesAll stagesChicken, chicken broth, chicken liver, turkey, and ground flaxseedProtein - 10%
Fat - 7.5%
Fiber - 3%
Moisture - 78%
Wellness CORE Pate Wet Cat FoodWellness Natural Pet FoodUnited StatesAll stagesChicken, chicken broth, chicken liver, turkey, and ground flaxseedProtein - 12%
Fat - 7.5%
Fiber - 1%
Moisture - 78%
Purina Pro Plan True NaturePurinaUnited StatesAdultChicken, turkey, chicken liver, meat by-product, and sufficient water for processingProtein - 11%
Fat - 5.5%
Fiber - 1.5%
Moisture - 78%
Blue Buffalo Freedom an Indoor Cat FoodBlue BuffaloUnited StatesAll stagesChicken, chicken broth, chicken liver, fish-oil, and ground flaxseedProtein - 10%
Fat - 7%
Fiber - 1.5%
Moisture - 78%
Sheba Perfect Portions Cuts in GravyShebaUnited StatesAll stagesChicken, animal plasma, poultry liver, tapioca starch, and fish-oilProtein - 7%
Fat - 2.5%
Fiber - 1.5%
Moisture - 84%
Rachael Ray Nutrish Ocean Fish-A-LiciousRachael Ray NutrishUnited StatesAll stagesOcean fish, tuna, powdered cellulose, vegetable oil, and waterProtein - 9%
Fat - 5%
Fiber - 3.5%
Moisture - 79%
NUTRO Perfect Portions Wet Food PateNUTROUnited StatesAdultTurkey, turkey broth, pork broth, chicken liver, and natural flavorProtein - 12%
Fat - 5%
Fiber - 1%
Moisture - 78%
Crave Grain Free Cuts In GravyCRAVEUnited StatesAdultChicken, chicken broth, chicken liver, chicken heart, and pork plasmaProtein - 12%
Fat - 5%
Fiber - 1%
Moisture - 78%
Tiki Cat Velvet Mousse Cat Food PouchTiki PetsUnited StatesAll stagesChicken, chicken broth, sunflower oil, dried egg, and xanthan gumProtein - 12%
Fat - 2%
Fiber - 1%
Moisture - 80%

01. Purina Fancy Grilled Feast Wet Cat Food [For gravy fans]

Purina Fancy Feast Grilled Feast in Gravy Canned Wet Cat Food

Give your adult cat the meaty savory goodness of beef. The tender beef pieces are cooked or grilled slowly to perfection. The savory gravy is light and perfectly balances the recipe. The beef is high-quality red meat, great amino acid, and a protein source. 

It helps to maintain and develop the cat’s muscles. It is a natural glucosamine source that supports joint mobility and health. High-quality ingredients blended will deliver an exclusive taste in each bite and your pet will certainly lick its paws.

Feeding directions

  • 1 can of 3 oz. per body weight 2 ½ pounds daily for an adult cat.
  • Twice the amount to kittens.
  • Nursing or pregnant cats 2 to 4 times.

02. Instinct Wet Cat Food Pate [For picky kitties]

Instinct Grain Free Recipe Natural Wet Canned Cat Food

High protein cat food sourced from cage-free chicken without any fillers like grain, corn, wheat, potato, preservatives, etc. that trigger allergies. It comprises 95% chicken, chicken liver, and turkey along with 5% of fruits, vegetables, and wholesome ingredients. 

Animal proteins included in the wet food help to make the cat’s muscles lean and strong. The pate texture served as a topper or meal will entice picky kittens. Even though the food contains several plant ingredients, the carb level is low.

Feeding directions

  • Feed 2 cans of 3 ounces per body weight of 6 to 8 pounds every day to an adult cat.
  • Feed kittens twice the adult every day.
  • Feed nursing & pregnant cats three times an adult.

03. Wellness CORE Natural Wet Cat Food [for strong immunity]

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Cat Food

Chicken, chicken liver, and turkey pate is a grain-free recipe including botanicals and cranberries. It is fortified with minerals and vitamins to support inner health. For healthy skin and coat, a blend of omega sources like fish and flaxseeds are included. 

Hydration is crucial for the overall wellbeing of a cat but they hardly get thirsty. This recipe helps to increase moisture levels help to maintain the health of its urinary tract. Protein-rich wet food with delectable flavors and pate texture is specially formulated for cats of all stages.

Feeding directions

  • Feed 2 cans of 5.5 ounces per body weight of 6 to 8 pounds every day to an adult cat.
  • Feed kittens twice the adult every day.
  • Feed nursing & pregnant cats three times an adult.

04. Purina Pro Plan True Nature [For fine-tuned nutrition]

Purina Pro Plan True Nature Classic Natural Chicken & Liver Entree Grain-Free Canned Cat Food

Each serving of Pro Plan offers your cat 25 essential minerals and vitamins including taurine that supports digestion and heart function. Fine-tuned nutrition feeds her instinct. High protein from chicken and turkey strengthens the cat’s joint muscles and joint health. 

It has an enticing flavor and balanced consistency that hits with the cats. As the recipe is free from grains, preservatives, and artificial colors pet parents can buy it with confidence. The grain-free formula satisfies your feline’s craving for a delicious meal. It can be added to your cat’s daily feeding routine.

Feeding directions

  • Feed 1 can of 5.5 ounces per body weight of 3 ½ pounds every day to an adult cat.
  • Adjust as necessary. You can divide it into 2 to 3 meals.

05. Blue Buffalo Freedom an Indoor Cat Food [For sensitive & grumpy old cats]

Blue Buffalo Freedom Indoor Adult Chicken Recipe Grain Free Canned Cat Food

Blue Freedom wet cat food includes smooth pates with 170 Kcals/can. Open the can and stir it with a fork. It is not a firm pate but breaks nicely. The pureed chicken may seem nasty to humans but cats adore it. Pet parents comment that their sensitive and grumpy old cats lick the recipe without barfing.

The natural holistic wet cat food provides vital nutrients and essential amino acids. The whole grains keep your pet supplied with complex carbs necessary for energy. Fruits and veggies provide phytonutrients important to stay healthy. Cranberries keep the urinary tract working properly.

Feeding directions

  • Feed 1 can of 5.5 ounces per body weight of 6 to 8 pounds every day to an adult cat. The unused portion needs to be refrigerated.

06. Sheba Perfect Portions Cuts in Gravy [For finicky eater]

Sheba Perfect Portions Cuts in Gravy Wet Cat Food

Sheba perfect portions are available in a twin easy-peel tray. Open the lid and serve without any mess or need for a can opener. The serving size is sufficient. You don’t need to get concerned about the stinky, messy leftover and your refrigerator. Just snap, peel, & serve!

The Pate recipe includes quality protein, essential minerals, and vitamins making the recipe nutritious and delicious. Every time your cat gets a fresh serving of food without preservatives, artificial flavors, and corn. It is easy to chew and every bite is appetizing for the cat or kitten.

Feeding directions

  • 1 tray has two servings of 2.64 oz.
  • An adult cat needs 4 to 5 servings per body weight of 5 pounds daily.
  • Kittens need 5 to 9 servings daily.
  • Nursing/pregnant cats need double or triple their normal amount.

07. Rachael Ray Nutrish Ocean Fish-A-Licious

Rachael Ray Nutrish Wet Cat Food

The recipe is a delectable blend of tender tuna and ocean fish chunks served with a savory sauce. There are no filler ingredients, grain or gluten, or artificial preservatives. The flavors are naturally combined with necessary taurine, vitamins, and minerals.

Feeding directions

  • 1 container holds 2.8 oz.
  • Feed an adult cat 2 – 2 ½ container per body weight 8 pounds.
  • Kitten needs twice per body weight.
  • Nursing/pregnant cats need double or triple their normal amount.

08. NUTRO Perfect Portions Wet Food Pate

NUTRO Perfect Portions Grain Free Natural Wet Cat Food

Turkey is the main ingredient in this natural cat food loaded with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Perfect Portion trays hold two separate servings, which offer convenience. No messy leftovers to refrigerate! The ingredients used are non-GMO sourced from reliable suppliers and farmers. Feed your feline friend the luscious soft meal without soy protein, wheat, corn, chicken by-product, artificial flavors, or colors.

Feeding directions

  • 1 tray has two servings of 2.64 oz.
  • Feed an adult cat 3 to 4 serving per body weight 8 pounds.

09. Crave Grain Free Cuts In Gravy

Crave Grain Free High Protein Wet Cat Food Trays

Crave grain-free cuts in gravy includes chicken and is served in twin trays. Pet parents need to just pull the lid and pour in the cat bowl. The leftovers in the can need careful refrigeration to avoid odor from spreading. You can feed your cat’s inner tiger with a balanced high-protein diet necessary to develop and strengthen their muscles, help in digestion, fortify the immune system, and keep them energetic.

Feeding directions

  • 1 tray has two servings of 2.64 oz.
  • Feed an adult cat 7 to 8 serving per body weight 10 pounds.

10. Tiki Cat Velvet Mousse Cat Food Pouch

Tiki Cat Velvet Mousse Grain Free Wet Food with a Silky Smooth Texture for Adult Cats & Kittens

Cats are born carnivorous and need grain-free high protein food. Velvet Mousse recipe includes fish and meat as its major ingredient along with an easily palatable dried egg. Each pouch holds sufficiently hydrated food with silk and a smooth texture. The natural ingredients promote the cat’s digestion, skin & coat health, and more.

Feeding directions

  • 1 pouch has 2.8 oz.
  • Feed an adult cat 2 to 3 pouches per body weight 7 pounds.
  • Feed kittens twice the adult every day.
  • Feed nursing & pregnant cats three times an adult.

Reasons to buy wet cat food rather than dry cat food

  • It is low in carbs – Carbs only contribute to diabetes and obesity. Dry cat food is high in carbs, while natural cat food is low in sugar and starches.
  • It provides necessary hydration – Cats don’t drink adequate water naturally. They prefer getting water from the food they eat. Lack of hydration can trigger urinary tract issues like urinary crystals, urethral blockage, and UTI.

What aspects to consider while shopping for top quality and natural wet cat food?

  • Check brand reputation – The brand’s reputation and longevity in the market matters. An old manufacturer has perfected its manufacturing methods, so offers better products. You can even ask for recommendations from your friends or a vet.
  • Consider the cat’s life stage – Choosing a wet cat recipe depends on your feline’s age. You cannot feed a 6 monthly kitten with formulas for adults. You will find cat recipes designed specifically for allergies, pregnancy, obesity, and more. Just choosing a canned recipe for an indoor cat is not sufficient. Determine your pet’s diet based on its age, health condition, and lifestyle.
  • Check the first 5 ingredients – Read the ingredient list on the label. The first 5 ingredients are the core of the recipe, which specifies what your pet will eat. Ensure there are no fillers, artificial preservatives, or by-products. The top ingredients need to have chicken, beef, fish, turkey, rabbit, or an animal protein source. There may be potatoes, peas, or rice, which get listed in the end.
  • Check animal protein – Animal protein is essential for the cat’s health as it belongs to the carnivorous group. The formula also needs to have omega fatty acids at a sufficient level.
  • Check its low carb level – Low carb formulas prevent obesity as well as reduce diabetes risk. It does not mean wet cat formulas must not include carbs at all. Nevertheless, choose a formula with fewer carbs!
  • Check for vitamin levels – Top quality canned cat is rich in vitamins and minerals. Check the labels for A, B, C, & D vitamins. The formula must have minerals like iron, calcium, and zinc. It must even have taurine.
  • Check for AAFCO approval – The organization regulates pet food manufacturing standards. If the feline food is AAFCO approved, then it meets minimum nutritional needs. It is a complete balanced diet to serve your furry friend with confidence.
  • Consider cat allergies – If your cat has a sensitive stomach or allergies then there are some wet food formulas designed specially to help them. There are many specialized food formulas for cats struggling with kidney issues, obesity, and other medical conditions. When you choose an option consider your feline’s medical condition also.
  • Check for expiration dates – Wet cat formulas have a short expiration date, so check it before you order. 

Important tips for cat owners 

  • Experiment with different flavors to find their preferred formula.
  • Never give your fussy cat treats to make them eat wet cat formula.
  • Wet canned food can get worse after it is opened, so keep it in a refrigerator. An open can lasts for only 5 to 7 days. An automatic feeder is a great solution for keeping your cat’s wet food fresh. 
  • The refrigerated cat food must be warmed up in a microwave but ensure not to overheat it or the flavor can get affected and nutrients destroyed. Add some water to prevent overheating. 
  • Leftovers in a bowl turn bad after 4 to 5 hours if the cat does not eat. Better to give them less and throw the leftovers. Only serve your furry four-legged pet fresh food. 
  • Feeding the cat in your absence is made easy with an automatic cat feeder. Some models can get connected with your Smartphone, so it allows you to feed your pet remotely. 
  • Switch your kitten to adult food at 12 months. Remember, the adolescent cat’s formulas have sufficient nutrients as per the AAFCO standards, so monitor the cat’s health during the transition. 
  • Obesity is a common issue in cats, which makes them vulnerable to diabetes and arthritis. Ask your vet to determine its ideal body weight and adjust its diet to maintain weight.

Choose the healthiest natural cat food for your furry friend!