Most Popular Smallest Dog Breeds to Fit in Lesser Space

Awesome Puppy-Sized Dogs Every Pet Lover Should Know

Let us identify some of the smallest dog breeds with all the awesome things about them. If you wish your dog always remains a cute puppy, here is the right information. These smallest breeds will give you a feel of having a puppy no matter how old they grow. None of these breeds weighs more than 35 pounds.

Also, check out the grooming needs, personality traits, and trainability of these breeds. This information will not only help you to select the breed but also look after them in the best way. Moreover, they are an ideal pet for apartments and small houses. Their small size, cuddliness and playful temperament make them perfect for kids.

All You Need to Know about Small-Sized Dogs

Check out the best small-sized dog breeds for your home. We recommend you to check their nutrition requirements and training needs before you get them.

01. Chihuahua

smallest dog breed

Chihuahuas are either long-coated or short-coated tiny dogs with a great personality. They are a loyal and energetic breed with a king-like temperament. They are sporty as well as love to be in the owner’s lap. Their size ranges from 5 to 9 inches and 2 to 12 Lbs.

  • Temperament – Loyal, expressive, athletic, and entertaining
  • Exercise needs – Minimal exercise
  • Grooming needs – Light to Moderate depending upon the coat
  • Training – Most of them are easy to train for good obedience
  • Friendliness – Good with kids (10 years and above) and other pets in the house but not with the strangers
  • Shedding – Light to moderate but high shedding in the spring season

You will get Chihuahuas in awesome varieties including fawn, brown, chocolate brown, cream, gold, black, white, and mix of these colors. Unfortunately, their temperament is highly genetic and hence there are chances of meeting anti-social, nervous, and stubborn Chihuahuas as well.

02. Yorkshire Terrier

smallest dog breed

Yorkshire Terriers are dogs with confident personalities and good barking tendencies. They are loyal and good watchdogs as well. Yorkies are ideal for families with children.

  • Temperament – Lively and light-footed, prone to barking, reliable watchdogs
  • Exercise – Very minimal exercise needs
  • Grooming – Requires regular combing, brushing, and rimming of the coats
  • Training – Easy to train with little patience
  • Friendliness – Great with acquaintances but do not fail to bark at the strangers
  • Shedding – very light and hence good for allergic people

Yorkshires Terriers can be nasty when not trained properly to be social and peaceful. They are fragile and you need to supervise them properly but need not pamper all the time. Toy breeds (Yorkies under 3 or 4 pounds) have higher health issues as they are very fragile.

03. Pomeranian

smallest dog breed

Pomeranians are highly energetic, very popular and fluffiest tiny dogs known for their loyalty. They are excellent watchdogs and great companions too. Their famous cute pom-pom coat makes them very dear to adults and kids equally. You will get Pomeranians in variety of colors and patterns including red and orange.

  • Temperament – Intelligent, lively, quick-learning yet stubborn
  • Exercise – Requires daily dose of regular exercise of around 30 to 40 minutes per day
  • Grooming – Regular grooming couple of times in a week will keep their coats look healthy and neat
  • Training – You need to train them from a young age for the best behaviour
  • Friendliness – Quite friendly with their owners
  • Shedding – Mild shedding

Due to the high energy level, alertness, and smartness, Pomeranians are good watchdogs. But they need a good amount of exercise and playtime. They are recognized as a toy group breed by American Kennel Club.

04. Toy Poodle

smallest dog breed

If you are looking for an exceptionally smart and sporty dog, Toy Poodle is your right pet. The breed is available in different varieties and sizes. This toy breed is the smallest one among all varieties of toy poodles. Check the major characteristics of the breed. 

  • Temperament – peace-loving, Intelligent and active; good watchdogs
  • Exercise – Need daily exercise and companionship
  • Grooming – Their coats need regular grooming and clipping
  • Training – Responds faster to training
  • Friendliness – Friendly with humans and other pets
  • Shedding – Very less shedding and hence no fear of allergies

Poodles are sensitive to loud noise and should be kept in a peaceful environment. Being a sensitive breed, health problems like cardiac and disk are common.

05. Pekingese

smallest dog breed

Here is a very good-natured breed with high intelligence and high self-esteem. Their main physical characteristics are their extremely fluffy coat, short muzzles, and floppy ears. These are lap dogs and would be an affectionate member of your family.

  • Temperament – Affectionate, dignified, and stubborn
  • Exercise – Requires a limited amount of exercise
  • Grooming – Require high grooming and maintenance but require little food to remain healthy
  • Training – Requires little patience to train due to stubbornness but formal training is not required
  • Friendliness – They love human companionship and good for older children
  • Shedding – Heavy shedding

Pekingese have low drooling but they snore loudly. They have a low tendency to bark but still very alert watchdogs. Though this toy breed loves the company of humans, they need to be socialized at an early age. 


Above small breeds are very popular in apartments and small houses located in the suburbs.  We are sure you loved this piece of information on the smallest dog breeds.