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Top 5 Smallest Cat Breeds for a Kitten-Like Feel Forever

Best Small Cats for Small Homes and Apartments

Cats are cute and the smallest ones will make you go crazy! These smallest cat breeds are overloaded with cuteness. They are sure to spread all positivity and cuddliness in your home. We have picked some of the best cat breeds popular for their small size and cuddliness.

Apart from the dog, the cat is one of the top popular pets worldwide. The best thing about these breeds is that they will be small throughout their life span. You will get a feel of having cute kittens no matter how old they grow. They are some of the smallest cats in the world and very popular among cat-lovers.

Most Adorable Small-Sized Cats with Key Characteristics

Cats are commonly kept at home for companionship. They are loved for their furry and cuddly looks. Moreover, it is easier to accommodate these tiny cute cats even in small homes. Check this list with their key personality traits.

01. Singapura

Singapura is one of the smallest cat breeds

Singapura is the smallest of all the domestic cats of the world. This little breed owns a muscular body despite being small in size. Its weight ranges between 4 to 8 lbs. Below-listed key characteristics of the breed will tell you more about the Singapura in detail.

  • A very energetic and active breed
  • Also loves to play with toys
  • Short and thick neck
  • Fine and silky texture
  • Smart and curious indoor cat
  • Easily gets along with other cats
  • A great lap cat and bed warmer
  • Does not have any major health issues

This breed can easily learn to get along with other pets. Their friendly nature makes them comfortable with kids as well as strangers. Due to the fine and silky coat, they are easy to groom.

02. Devon Rex

This tiny wonderful cat sports a unique look. This breed is different because of large eyes and ears. Their big alien-type ears grab attention at the very first sight of the cat. Compared to their striking ears and eyes, the body is rather slender. Check the major physical characteristics and personality traits of Devon Rex.

  • Striking eyes and ears
  • Weight ranges from 5 to 10 pounds
  • They come with soft coats of varied colors
  • Devon Rex is an active, social, and intelligent breed
  • Love to learn tricks and seek attention
  • They make an awesome family cat with their friendliness
  • Generally, considered a healthy breed
  • Extremely easy to maintain and groom

Devon Rex is covered with thick fur all over the body, face, legs, and ears. You will find this breed in amazingly varied colour combinations and patterns in double colors and tricolors. Some of them are black, chocolate brown, cinnamon, smoky pattern, tiger-pattern, white, blue, red, and lavender.

03. Siamese

Siamese is a sleek, sophisticated breed with elegant looks.  Siamese kitties have lovely coat variations of grey, silver, brown, orange, and cream. Apart from their beautiful looks, these cats are known for being a great family cat. The color of their coats is determined by their surroundings, temperature, and genetically inherited features. They are also known to be one of the oldest breeds of pet cats in the world. Check their main characteristics in a nutshell.

  • Very affectionate breed 
  • Loves to follow, spend time and talk with humans
  • A highly athletic and intelligent breed
  • Plays actively with the toys
  • Best companion in your home
  • May have genetic problems like asthma and heart defects
  • Requires weekly grooming

Likewise other cats, Siamese are also great as indoor cats. Keeping them inside will save them from dangers like infections and attacks from other dogs and cats. If you are someone who is looking for a great kitty-friend to talk with, Siamese is the best breed.

04. Balinese

Balinese cat breeds sport long hair, deep blue eyes and silky coat. The super-soft cozy coat makes it one of the most popular cats. They originated from a natural mutation of Siamese and long-haired breeds like Persian. Hence, they have inherited most of the characteristics of Siamese. Medium size cats with weight ranging from 5 to 10 pounds

  • Very sociable, expressive, and playful cats
  • An inquisitive and intelligent breed
  • Loves to be in the close company of their owners
  • Demanding and attention-seeking cats
  • They have fewer health problems
  • Their silky coat is easy to groom
  • Balinese get along with children and other pets

Balinese may have genetic health issues like heart diseases, gastrointestinal problems, and bronchial issues. This breed is an ideal one when you are looking for a lovely, interactive, and loyal kitty for your home.

05. Javanese

Javanese breed attracts us with their strikingly beautiful eyes. Their silky coat will compel you to fondle the cat as soon as you see. They have a long sleek look compared to Siamese and Balinese. The color variation is equally amazing as you will see them in varied combinations. They come in combination white or cream or dark brown, reddish, blue, etc. Check their personality traits and behavior in brief.

  • Javanese are intelligent cats
  • Sociable and friendly pets
  • They tend to express exactly what they need
  • Attention seeking lovable pets
  • Good at mouse-hunting
  • Long silky coat of varied colors

Tend to have genetic disorders like Siamese and Balinese. Leaving aside the coated part, Javanese are almost identical to Balinese. They are considered a Javanese division of Balinese breed. They can be easily groomed without much expertise and efforts.


Most of the smallest cat breeds are very playful and affectionate. They enjoy the company of their owners and are friendly with children if treated politely. The pet must be treated with respect and great care by the owners and all family members. Whenever you are introducing them with the strangers and other pets, let it happen slowly in a controlled atmosphere.